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DRUM-MATES ® drum, tote and tank mixers are designed to speed batch processing times while improving product uniformity. Ask about our wide range of Stainless Steel, Teflon and PVC coated mixers for sanitary and severely corrosive applications. Our wide selection of mixer drives, mounting methods and impeller styles can help you blend most liquids and thicknesses to a quality standard that can help prevent problems, complaints and corrections.

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Mixing Quality Control
Use these TQMixing Guidelines for creating your own Total Quality Management mixing protocol.

Applications & Benefits of Drum & Tote Mixing

  • Agitate in containers with fill ports from 1.5" to 22"
  • Blend most thicknesses in 5 to 500 gallon volumes
  • Get superior liquid turnover at high or low Rpm
  • Adjustable mixers create better mixing control
  • Special impellers control frothing and shear effects
  • Safely tumble sealed drums of hazardous liquids
  • Pure Teflon mixers blend virtually any ingredient

PDF Files
Drum Mixers & Mixer Drives


Drum & Tote (IBC) Mixers
are shafts with impellers that provide
better quality control, faster mixing time, lower batch costs,
higher efficiency blending with materials of construction in
stainless steel, PVC coated stainless, Teflon sheathed or zinc plated.

Drum & IBC Mixer Shafts & Impellers.pdf

DM-55ADH, Hand Mixer Drives for Maximum Speed & Uniformity.
Hand-held drum mixers enable rapid mixing and movement between
drums for blending non-flammable or flammable liquids.

Hand Held Mixer Drives.pdf

DM-55RAS, Rim Mixer Drives
for open drums or tanks.
These mount with double hand clamps, proving a selection of 1/2” or 5/8” mixer shafts with a wide range of impellers to choose from.

Rim Mount Drum & Tank .pdf

DM-55GDA, Bracket Mixer Drives, mount, open drum and tank mixers used for very high viscosity mixing applications, in 40 to 150 gal drums & tanks, using any type of impeller design, size and material suitable for your task.

DM-55DGA Series_Bracket Mixer Drive.pdf

DM-55BAS, 2” Npt Bung Mixer Drives for bunged (tighthead)
drums or tanks. Folding impeller mixers fit through a bung-hole blending liquids with better operator and environment safety, handling a huge range of liquids and thicknesses. Stainless Steel or Teflon mixers sold separately.

Bung Mount Mixers.pdf

Drum & Tote Mixer Accessories
recommended for all mixing
applications for better maintenace and task operations,
These accessories help you work Safer… Easier… Faster….

Drum Mixer Accessories.pdf

Teflon Drum & IBC Mixers


Teflon mixer are used in Pharacuetical, Food, R&D, Clean Room and other specialty mixing applications requiring absolute purity or maximum anti-corrosion protection. Mix virtually any liquid or chemical compatible with Teflon and have better product uniformity with multi-tier impellers providing simultaneous mixing at all container levels.

Teflon Drum & IBC Mixer.pdf

IBC & Tank Mixers

Intermediate Bulk Container Mixers are high efficiency, multi-stage tote mixers for mixing most liquids provide better product uniformity with simultaneos mixing in IBC top, middle and bottom. 2" bung entry mixing minimizes operator exposure & environmental contamination.

Intermediate Bulk Container Mixers.pdf
Tote Mixer Drives are high efficiency mixers that thoroughly blend thin to thick liquids in 200 to 1000 gallon totes or tanks. The 8" wide drive stand assembly is engineered to be comfortable and safe to move and use.

Tote Mixer Drives.pdf
You can improve the level of quality control control and extend your applications range with accessories designed for the "DM-600 Series" high efficiency IBC mixers.

Tote IBC Mixer Accessories.pdf
Using these Safety, Mounting and Maintenance Accessories you can improve quality control and extend the applications range of the "DM-600 Series" high efficiency IBC mixers.

IBC Mixer Accessories.pdf
These easy-load laboratory tumblers use special hexagon barrels (or your own container) and offer repeatable, quick batching cycles with much easier clean-up. With shorter batch cycles, you can get more work or tests done and increased production output.

LBT Laboratory Tumbler.pdf

Pail Mixers

Xtreme Duty IBC Mixers blend high viscosities in 200 to 1000 gal. IBC's or Tanks. This mixer is excellent for mixing compounds with extreme conditions including high viscosity, high density and high solids or particulate content.

Hand-held Pail Mixers.pdf
See 3 Examples of how this Xtreme Duty IBC Mixer provides excellent agitation for mixing compounds with extreme characteristics. It easily enters and withdraws from most industrial IBC's (totes) with a 6" or greater port opening.

Pail Shakers.pdf

Drum Rollers, Tumblers, Rotators

Drum Rollers eliminate material transfer, clean-up, special vessels and special apparatus. Ensure product homogeneity. Mix, blend, or tumble. Helps save time, labor and money.

Drum Rollers.pdf
Multi-Axis Drum Rollers use corner-over-corner or end-over-end drum rotators that provide a safe and speedy way for blending operations of dry-dry, dry-wet or wet-wet ingredients. These rotators thoroughly blend powders, liquids or other materials in sealed drums.

Multi-Axis Drum Rollers.pdf

Mixing Accessories

Our TQMixing™ Guidelines present a quality control program with procedures to enable the best product uniformity for drum and tote stored liquids.

TQMixing Guidelines.pdf
The RinseTube™ for drum bung entry equipment is for cleaning & storing bung entry pump tubes, mixers & other devices. Most importantly, it helps ensure operator & environment safety, as well as cleanliness.

RinseTube for Drum Bung Entry Equipment.pdf
Filter-Regulator-Lubricators for air operated equipment extend motor life and reduce maintenance by removing moisture, airborne contaminants, regulating proper air pressure, and emitting a lubricating oil fog for a longer motor life.


Modular Filter - Regulator - Lubricator (FRL)

Modular Filter-Regulator-Lubricator.pdf

Modular Filter - Regulator - Only (FRO)

Modular Filter-Regulator-Only.pdf

Grounding Cable Kit - set of 4 cables.

Grounding Cable Kit.pdf

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