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Drummates ® drum and tote heaters hold the temperature you need for better and quicker liquid processing. Choose from a variety of heater styles or ask for our recommendation. Heating while mixing speeds both applications together. Specialty heaters can be supplied as required. Closed drums can be mixed while heating (40*F - 170*F), in special heating cabinets using either drum rollers or drum tumblers.

Applications & Benefits of Drum & Tote Heating

  • Reduce thickness for faster processing & transfer
  • Heating during mixing reduces batch-mix times
  • Stabilize product temperature storage conditions
  • Speed chemical activity during batch processing
  • Improve batch production quality control handling

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Drum Heaters & Insulators


Drum wrap heaters safely heat and insulate drums or totes for best storage, process temperature and thickness control, among many other applications.

Full Wrap Drum Heaters_DWH.pdf
Drum mobile base heaters raise temperature from the bottom, evenly heating with thermal convection flow. They speed heating when used with a full wrap heater.

Drum Mobile Base Heaters.pdf
Silicone band hears (in non-flammable and explosion-proof models) provide economical drum zone heating. The more bands used the quicker the heat-up.

XPF Silicone Band Drum Heaters.pdf
Insulation-only drum blankets maintain temperatures over a longer wait period between heat and usage. Available in single or double wall insulation thickness.

Drum Insulation Wrap Blanket.pdf

Specialty Heaters

Half Shell heaters precisely heat metal 55 gallon drums in the horizontal position and are especially suited to pouring tasks of thermostatically controlled warm to hot liquids.

Drum Half-shell Heater.pdf
Bung immersion drum heaters can heat contents up to 275*F with auto-cutoff when a selected temperature is reached. Unheated stem permits safe, quick heater shifting from drum to drum.

Bung Entry Immersion Heaters.pdf

IBC (tote) Heaters

Full wrap tote heating blankets adjusts from 50-160*F with a manual resettable thermostat. Buckle straps permit adjustment for the IBC sizes from 40 to 48”, to fit 36”, 42” or 48” IBC heights.

Full Wrap Tote Heaters_FWH.pdf

Cabinet Heaters

Drum-tote heating cabinets permit multiple container processing from a safe, well insulated hot-source controlled from 50 to 250*F in 2, 4, or 8 drum or 1-2 tote cabinet sizes with spill pan containment.

Drum & Tote Cabinet Heaters.pdf

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