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New Product Releases

  • DRUMMATES ThreadGuard NPR - A new safety tool for sustainable thread protection now helps cut losses on all
    kinds of plastic 2” NPT bung hole mounting equipment.
  • DRUMMATES ThreadReducers NPR - Mounting equipment in bung holes is now easier for operators, process
    engineers or product designers with the availability of DRUM-MATES ® economical ThreadReducer™ Series bung adapters.
  • DRUMMATES ToteFiller NPR - ToteFillers™ are excellent for safe, fast, economical, quick-connect liquid filling of single or multiple IBC’s (totes) in virtually any configuration, whether floor, rack or stack stored.
  • NEW_Full Wrap Drum Heater_from DRUMMATES - Heat That Drum! Includes insulated TopHat™ with 1 or m ore bung-hole access openings!
  • DM55BAS Drum Mixer PR - The DRUM-MATE ® high efficiency drum mixer (Model No. DM55BAS) greatly increases Quality Control while lowering batch mixing time and costs. It mixes very quickly by moving the liquid at high velocity at virtually any shaft speed because the four blade sets blend at the top, middle and bottom drum levels at the same time.
  • IBC Product Release  - Better liquid uniformity and product quality control was the objective with an adjustable, multi-mpeller tote mixer design says the manufacturer, DRUM-MATES ® Inc.
  • DRUM-MATES TQMixing Gdlns - Mixing quality control procedures to enable the best product uniformity for drum and tote stored liquids.
  • 85HFR Nozzle Product Release - The DRUM-MATES ® DM-85HFR all polypropylene dispensing nozzle provides excellent outflow control for carefully transferring all kinds of liquids from pumps, processing equipment, drums, tanks, vats, and reservoirs into other containers.
  • 700HFR AL-TeflonNozzle_Release - Extreme liquid processing applications are easily handled by the DM-700HFR/AMTS1 XtremeDuty™ hand dispensing nozzle from DRUM-MATES ® Inc.
  • DM85DGP Release - The low cost DM-85DGP drum pump is virtually maintenance free because it has no internal moving parts or seals.
  • Drum Pump Purge Release - Process cleaning with DRUM-MATE ® drum and tote pumps, permits purging all kinds of equipment with almost any non-flammable or flammable solvent. Pump process purging saves time and prevents cross-contamination of equipment when handling liquids of differing pH, color, chemical makeup and other variables.

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