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DRUM-MATES ® Nozzle Dispensing Solutions

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DRUM-MATES ® line of hand dispensing nozzles enable operators to increase the safety and efficiency of pouring applications, including bulk transfer, liquid repacking into smaller containers and add-mixing or replenishing solutions or chemicals into tanks or drums. Checking for the chemical compatibility of the liquid compound, solvent or solution being transferred is important, as with any process equipment.

Nozzle Dispensing Solutions


Xtreme Duty Hand Nozzle

DM-700HFR, Xtreme Duty Hand Nozzle

Hand transfer virtually any solvent or liquid compatible with AL, Stainless & PTFE!

• Careful fluid control for operator & environmental safety
• Helps prevent spillage of critical dispensing operations
• Ergonomic handling comfort with long reach 8” spout
• Simplifies repacking or bulk transfer into any container
• Grounding lanyard ring for explosion-proof dispensing

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Metal Hand Dispensing Nozzles   Plastic Hand Dispensing Nozzles
DM-700HFRAM Economy Series
DM-700HFRAMTS Series Nozzles
DM-790HFR XD 1.5in Nozzle

Stainless Steel
DM-800HFRL6 SS Nozzles
DM-800HFR-SSK Series_Nozzle SpoutSeal
DM-800SEK_Spout Extension

DM-85HFR_Specs & Chart DS
DM-90HFR Pour&Spray Nozzle
DM-95HFR Hand Nozzle DS
DM-100HFR Series_Nozzle
DM-150-200HFR_Nozzle_PP HiFlow_1.5-2in

Extreme Duty Teflon Hand Nozzle
DM-1000HFR_Teflon Hand Nozzle

Sanitary Duty Washdown Nozzle
DM-400HFR_Wash-Down Nozzles

Container Filling Equipment
DM-600TFA_Drum & ToteFiller
DM-600TFABK Series_PP_DryLoc ToteFiller_DS
DM-600TFABK Series_SS_DryLoc
DM-800CFS_Container Filling Station

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