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DRUM-MATES ® Drum Handling Equipment

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DRUM-MATES ® supplies a complete line of handling equipment including hand trucks, portable trolleys, mobile racks, palletizers,drum rollers, drum tumblers, drum rotators and many other items for handling drums. We also manufacture drum handling equipment to specification. Let us know your handling needs!

Drum Handling Equipment


Drum Carrier & Multi-Task

DM-55-P405, Drum Carrier & Multi-Task


End-Over-End Drum Rotators

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Tilt-To-Load Drum Rotators
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Portable Drum Rollers
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Stationary Drum Rollers
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Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers
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Power-Propelled Drum Pourer Video
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PDF Files

DM55600DFA DrumIBC Filler
Drum&Tote_Transfer Bulkhead_PP_DM-600TFA
DrumDrainers_SS & PP_DM55DTA

And many other models…

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